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Post Oak Farm
The best horseback riding in the Texas Hill Country

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P.O. Box 1030   Burnet, Texas 78611  
   Main Office 512-756-4647
50 miles northwest of Austin, Texas

Ground Manners Training/Colt Starting/Refresher Courses/ Horsemanship Instruction/Western & English Lessons

The Post Oak offers the best boarding in the Central Texas Hill Country.
We have excellent facilities, conscientious care for your horse, and 400 beautiful
Texas Hill Country acres for you to ride on. 

We also have several riding arenas, two round pens, and a place to keep your tack. 

We offer daily turnout for horses boarded in the barn or in pens, weather permitting.
We carefully check your horse's consumption of feed and water and we are on the property 24/7.
The Post Oak offers riding lessons for adults and youths in both western and English disciplines.

We provide additional services on an "a la carte" basis.

All boarding starts at $350 per month, plus shavings if needed.
Scroll down for more details.

Basic boarding services include twice daily feeding, inspection, turnout and stall cleaning.
Boarding fees do not cover the costs of additional nutritional supplements, exercise,
grooming, shoeing, minor vet care or  winter blanketing.

A fee will be charged for pasture boarded horses who must be segregated at feeding time
to receive special feed or supplements.

Boarders may use the arenas, round pens, grass riding paddock, central field
and tack room.

This is not a boarding agreement, but a general schedule of fees and services.

Rates and services are subject to change at any time.

Here is the list of services which we can provide at your request. Fees vary depending on the
type of and frequency of the service provided and can change at any time.

Daily feed, hoof, vitamin or health supplements - $10 per month
Short-term daily medicine administration (bute, penicillin,  etc.) $5 per day
Banamine or other emergency administration - $5 plus cost of med
Temporary stall - $5 per day extra + shavings
Daily fly spray or sun block - $25 per month.
Catching & Holding for trimming - $10 per horse.
Wormer - Cost plus $3 per administration.
Blanketing - $25 per month.
Night Light - $10 per month (your light)
Fan - $15 per month (your fan)
Holding for Vet exams - $10 - $25  per horse depending on what and how long.
Horse Transport to the Vet: $50 + $25 per hour for wait time.

Lights and fans must be installed according to our guidelines.
Limited space for tack storage is provided as a service to boarders.
Included in the boarding agreement are policies pertaining to the handling and
use of boarded horses on the premises.
These policies are intended to provide a safe environment for both horse and people
and are strictly enforced.

To arrange a site visit or for more information call 512-756-4647
Email us at

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