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Boo Boo Goop Skin Repair

heals boo  boos using
essential oils from plants

Can be used on virtually any skin condition or injury to stop pain & itching, combat infection, relieve symptoms and speed healing. A completely natural formula using essential oilsselected for their medicinal and reparative properties.
Works on cuts of all kinds, insect bites and stings,
 fungal infections,
viral conditions,
surgery stitches,
and it repels insects.

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BooBooGoop Skin Repair
 First Aid, Healing, Pain & Itch Relief

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Miller's Wound Care


Equine wound care, first aid
and skin care for your horses.

Miller's Equine Wound Salve
Horse Got a BooBoo?
In late 2005 we began making our
BooBooGoop Equine Wound Salve available for purchase. Since then, we have developed a new and more powerful
formula called
Miller's Equine Wound Salve
and Wound Spray

Used on virtually any skin condition or injury, Miller's salve and spray have proven to be highly effective wound care products for even the most severe lacerations and equine injuries.

Made from the purest, plant-based essential oils and beeswax, the salve is
antibacterial, antifungal and anti viral.
It immediately relieves pain and itching from
insect bites, stitches,
cuts and fungal infections. It speeds healing
and inhibits infection.

The Spray is formulated for acute and severe conditions. It works fast, can be used as a wound clear and is especially effective on injuries that cannot be stitched