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First and Foremost
we are about horse care,
equine wound care and healing
But, we are also very proud that our products are
completely plant based, sustainable,
and envrionmentally friendly.

About Helen Miller

From 1998 to 2014, the Post Oak was a riding, boarding, training and lessons facility. We also had small herds of cattle and goats. A lot of people helped make the program successful: staff, interns, boarders, guests, freinds and family. During our years boarding and caring for other people's horses, we set out to develop a more universal healing product that would stand up against the harsh environmental conditions often found on farms and ranches. Through research and "field trials" we developed our Goop, an easy to use, very effective, all-purpose balm which healed injuries, battled infection, kept flies and midges at bay, and offered our horses relief from the pain and itching that usually accompany injuries and skin conditions. 

Initial marketing results showed that women loved the name "BooBooGoop," but men were not so comfortable with it. Thus Miller's Equine Wound Care becane the official label for our equine wound care products. BooBooGoop has evolved into variations on our basic formula with added emolients for a softer, more luscious feel on the skin.


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